2020-21 Season Ticket Member | Frequently Asked Questions


What changes can we expect due to the pandemic?

Well let’s start with the good news – with less fans, parking will be easier and the concourse will be less busy. The bathrooms will be cleaned periodically throughout the game and lineups in general should be a lot lighter than normal. It’s almost like visiting Disney World while the park is closed…but it’s hockey.

This list will evolve but to start, for everyone’s safety, masks will be mandatory upon entry to TD Station.

I know that a lot of us are used to watching this way, but there will be no standing at railings permitted. All fans must be in their seat.

Hand sanitizer will be available at every entrance and throughout the building.

As mandated by TD Station, the cost of parking has increased to $5 a game.

How many people will be allowed in TD Station for Sea Dogs games?

We have to respect and enforce the social distancing guidelines from the Government of New Brunswick. Because of that, we will only be able to fit a limited number of fans in the rink. That number depends on many factors, including social bubbles but it will be a lot less than before, somewhere around 25% of seats.

I was a season ticket member last season, will we get first chance at renewing our seats?

Of course! Due to the reduced number of fans allowed into the arena, we want to give current Season Ticket Members the first opportunity to claim their membership – you have all earned this privilege.

I’m excited for hockey, what will the 2020-2021 schedule look like?

The QMJHL Season will have 60 regular season games – 30 home games and 30 away games. Once it’s made official, our schedule will be posted online.

Good news – the 30 home games at TD Station will be played almost exclusively on weekends or over the holidays, including New Year’s Eve vs. Moncton (we don’t like Moncton very much).

We will exclusively be playing teams in the Maritimes Division (Acadie-Bathurst, Cape Breton, Charlottetown, Halifax, and Moncton). Every game will feel like a playoff game and rivalries will be heightened as we vie to win our Division.

Is it true that only those with season tickets will be able to watch Sea Dogs games at TD Station?

Very likely. Because of the social distancing rules, we need to operate at a very reduced capacity. This is good news for Season Ticket Members because your season ticket is now more valuable than ever. Under the current rules, we anticipate that only those with season tickets will be able to watch Sea Dogs games live this season.

I always watch the games with friends and family. What if I want to sit with them? Can we sit in a “bubble” like we do at restaurants?

Yes – in fact, bubbles are encouraged!

In order to safely assign seats and maximize arena space as best as we can, we are recommending that all Season Ticket Members form Social/Family Bubbles. This may even be with other Season Ticket Members that you spend a lot of time with and wish to sit with throughout the year.

Hockey is a social experience, so if you normally purchase a single season ticket, we recommend that you make arrangements with the people within your bubble that you want to sit and watch with.

When we purchase tickets as a “bubble”, how does it work for payment?

Each member of the bubble will still be able to pay for their own seats, but all seats of the bubble must be paid for at the same time. This means no reserving seats for other people in your bubble. To claim your seats, they must all be paid for at the same time or be setup for a payment plan.

These bubbles will allow us to safely accommodate as many Sea Dogs fans as safely possible, while also keeping the awesome atmosphere of being at the rink.

I have sat in the same seat since the Flames, will I get my same seat?

We love your passion and commitment to the local team (and you have seen some real good hockey over those years) but unfortunately, no, not this season.

With having to block out entire rows and blocks of seats to follow social distancing protocols, and to try and accommodate as many fans as possible, fans should not expect to sit in the seats they’ve had before. Seats will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

We hope that you understand that this is not our choice, and it is only an exception for this season.

Ok, I understand why I can’t have my same seat for this season, but what about next season?

Of course. We want you back in your original seats as much as you do. We will reserve your original seats (those you purchased in 2019-2020) for next season.

For financial reasons or health reasons, I can’t commit to season tickets this season. Can I take this season off and come back next season?

There’s a lot going on in the world and in all of our lives right now. If you had season tickets in 2019-2020 and want to take this season off for personal reasons, no problem! We will hold your seats for the 2021-2022 season. See ya then!

I am worried that my neighbour…call him Bob…is not going to respect the very import social distancing rules and health and safety regulations. How will TD Station handle Bob?

Ultimately, we expect that Bob is used to all of this by now from his experience at the grocery store, restaurants, and other businesses. However, just to be safe, fans (Bob included) will be required to sign a waiver agreeing to adhere to all health and safety measures when at TD Station. Failure to comply to all Health and Safety Regulations may result in your unreasonable friend Bob being removed from TD Station.

I am a generous person and like to give my tickets out sometimes. How does that work?

Season Ticket Members are responsible for their tickets purchased. If you choose to give your tickets for a specific game away to another individual, that’s OK. You will however be the key point of contact for your seats, should we need to reach you.