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Billet Family Program Information

When a young man becomes a member of the Saint John Sea Dogs Hockey Club, he is placed with a billet family and spends the entire season with them. Billet parents are called upon to provide more than simply a bed to sleep in – they provide a home-away-from-home.  Billet families play a key role in ensuring a player’s success both on and off the ice.

The Saint John Sea Dogs organization is widely recognized as having one of the best billet family programs in the CHL.  We are always recruiting great billet families for fulltime, relief, and training camp billeting.


 How are billet families selected? What safety measures are taken when choosing billet families?

  1. Required criminal records checks for all billet parents.
  2. Billet Coordinators conduct in-person, in-home interviews of potential billet families.
  3. Reference checks.
  4. Suitability based on several factors that determine an ideal match including: family makeup, pets/allergies, personalities, etc.
  5. Periodic home visits during the season or when required.

Please note: The billet team may, occasionally, deem a billet family or home unsuitable for hosting players due to any perceived risk.  The Sea Dogs have adopted the league supported directive restricting households with females residing between the ages of 15-30 to billet.

  What is a billet family responsible to provide?

  • A bedroom with a bed, closet, dresser and reasonable access to washroom facilities.
  • Nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks.
  • A patient, caring and friendly home atmosphere.
  • Game day meal prep and respect for pregame routines.
  • Occasional transportation.
  • Since players range in age from 16 – 20 years, billet parents act as surrogate parents for the young men during hockey season

 How long is the billeting commitment each year and for how many years?

Players arrive for training camp the second week of August and stay until the season ends.  This can be as early as mid-March or as late as mid-May. Players have a break over Labour Day weekend and over Christmas holidays when most go home. Full time billet families may have their player from 1 to 5 years depending on whether trades or other changes occur.

Many billet families are needed for training camp for players who are in town for a short time. Billeting for training camp is a great chance to experience billeting and to consider whether having a full time player is the right choice for your family.

What are the benefits of being a billet family?

  • Being a part of a young man’s journey to fulfill a dream of playing professional hockey.
  • Two season tickets.
  • Daily or weekly stipend to help pay for groceries.
  • Invitations to various team events.
  • In many cases long lasting relationships develop and players and their families stay in touch for many years.

Since Sea Dog players range in age from 16 – 20, billet families act as surrogate parents for the young men during hockey season while the players are away from home.

Can I host more than one player?

Yes, billet families; if they have adequate facilities, can host two players.

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